Top Seven Best Examples from the Content Marketing World of B2B SaaS Companies

November 02, 2023

In the B2B SaaS industry, content marketing tactics are essential alongside SEO to maintain the brand's identity, visibility, credibility, and growth. For a B2B SaaS company, the target audience can become engaged in the company's journey with the support of an effective marketing plan. If this marketing plan is effectively incorporated into the content marketing world, you can anticipate more success. You may create countless opportunities for B2B SaaS firms to enhance their lead generation capabilities when you have captivating content that addresses the problems of your target audience. Each customer represents a long-term revenue stream that can endure from months to years, making B2B SaaS businesses one of the most successful business models.

The strongest B2B SaaS organizations have become experts at establishing their foothold in the content marketing world to drive growth to increase their customer base while lowering customer churn steadily.

What’s a good SaaS content marketing strategy? 

A successful B2B SaaS content marketing plan will always assist you in achieving your objectives and capitalize on the 5Ps of marketing effectively. Since no two B2B SaaS organizations have the same objectives, there is no "one size fits all" approach. Businesses must develop various SaaS content marketing strategies to reach their specific objectives. If a plan is successful, then it is a good one. Therefore, a wise plan enables you to accomplish your particular objective(s).

Content marketing best practices in the B2B SaaS industry

Here’s how seven B2B SaaS brands dominate the content marketing world to their full potential.

  1.  Chanty

Source: Chanty

Chanty is a successful team chat app that delivers content regarding employee productivity, collaboration, motivation, and more exciting topics. With a blog section on their website, they have covered thousands of topics, each unique, contributing the best they can to the content marketing world.

The great thing about the content is that it comes from people with various backgrounds, cultures, and occupations (genuinely making it a vast content marketing world). This helps cater to an audience that is so vast.  

The blogs on Chanty are their primary source of traffic generation, and they usually come up with unique content ideas besides this as well. For example, they even offer multiple e-books on cyberbullying, becoming a successful entrepreneur from the experience of true leaders, the checklist for launching a SaaS business, and so much more. Their content's main aim is to solve their readers' problems while engaging them while they are on their website. Content pages on their website, like Morning Motivation and various calculators, including the productivity calculator, scale up for good keywords and drive lots of traffic.

  1. Mailchimp

Source: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an outstanding example of how to reap the rewards of content marketing and provide suggestions for using branded content. The company efficiently conveys real situations to its audience through the medium of films while also laying the groundwork for ideas to develop over time. They have produced a wide range of short films and documentaries covering anything from innovation's success to issues with human psychology. By making this effort, the brand may reach its target markets with appropriate material. Customers are highly engaged with the material since it covers many topics, including small enterprises, social entrepreneurship, and career development. Through its content marketing initiatives, Mailchimp has focused on customer relationship by delivering a journey that illustrates what it means to start, run, and grow a business.

  1. Groove

Source: Groove

By concentrating on creating content that their customers truly want rather than vanity themes that fit the template of their industry, Groove has developed a highly acclaimed blog with over 250,000 followers each month. After changing their content approach, Groove went on an extraordinary content marketing journey where they only created useful content in the form of stories that reflected their target audience's problems. Their content was conveyed in a real, unique, and personal narrative rather than the typical "How To" manuals and "Top Lessons Learned" blog posts that already dominate the market. This required them to be open and honest about their entrepreneurial experience, financial results, achievements, and disappointments. For a while, content articles that were more concerned with the difficulties their readers encountered in the actual world than just keyword rankings on Google became the foundation of their top-of-the-funnel content.

  1. Salesforce

Source: Salesforce

This well-known CRM company aids businesses in forging closer ties with their current and potential clients. Salesforce creates a range of educational content in e-books, videos, and research papers, just like the other companies on this list. As part of a three-month experiment with original content, Salesforce produced humorous movies on sales and marketing, published customer success stories as animated slides, and produced a stop-motion presentation for SlideShare. These cutting-edge multimedia formats sparked attention among younger audiences. Because of this, the company saw a sharp rise in total traffic, ebook downloads, and email signups that year. Marketers can use such unique content strategies to engage audiences.

  1. Moz

Source: Moz

Although well-written blog posts are useful for increasing traffic, some subjects are too broad to be covered in a single article. This is particularly true in the area of SEO, where every topic is connected, and exploring each subtopic in detail is a dive in and of itself. You'll need to go beyond writing solitary, standalone blog posts. This is something that Moz is well aware of and has used the content hub technique to build an exhaustive manual on "How to Start with SEO." A "content hub" is merely a carefully chosen assortment of combined articles to address and further discuss a larger issue. Each chapter in their Beginner's Guide to SEO is a standalone resource that addresses a particular subject, such as keyword research and on-site optimization. With this strategy, they can organize and better assist their readers through a complex topic. In addition, Moz gains better overall Google rankings, higher conversion rates, and stronger brand authority inside a given niche.

  1. Ahrefs

Source: Ahrefs

Compared to other forms of content, 92% of businesses create blog entries, simply one method of increasing website traffic. The most popular medium for content marketing is quickly moving toward video, which has several benefits, such as:

  • The capacity to engage your audience more descriptively and actively.
  • Having music and more detailed graphic components makes it more engaging.
  • Adding character and individuality to each video much more easily.

Although Ahrefs has one of the most popular blogs in the SEO sector, they have shrewdly expanded into producing how-to YouTube videos to increase their organic reach. If you're like most people, searching YouTube for information on a subject is just as natural as searching Google. On their YouTube channel, Ahrefs produces short videos (around 10 minutes long) that quickly address the most frequent questions from their target audience and offer helpful guidance. Their video content has a straightforward objective: after seeing it, viewers will understand how to act on the subject to enhance their SEO challenge and how Ahrefs' solution fits into aiding in the resolution of that specific problem.

  1. Canva

Source: Canva

It is your responsibility to ensure clients have the best experience and the resources they need to achieve their goals when they subscribe to your solution (or purchase your product). Through its online design school, Canva, a graphic design platform for amateurs and professionals, provides its students with clear and concise video training on navigating and using their service.

But there's more!

They also often organize free events and time-limited virtual learning courses.

Where will your content marketing take you next?

It is crucial to plan, regardless of whether you currently have an established video channel or want to start from scratch with your business blog. While your messaging may not change, the styles and platforms will as the competition in content marketing increases. The secret is to have a vital content marketing objective and a long-term plan that will enable you to benefit in the long run. If done correctly, you'll undoubtedly begin creating critical brand awareness, attracting customers to your company, and establishing authority in your sector!

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